Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Journey

The reality star stunned everyone by losing 70 pounds after giving birth to Saint West.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian surprised her fans by shedding almost 70 pounds only after 7 months of giving birth to her second child, Saint West.

Now, that sounds totally hard to believe but Kim proved that there is no such word as ‘unachievable’ in Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kim has never felt hesitant in sharing her journey with media, and also documented this process on social media.

keto diet

Kim gives credit to Atkins diet:

The 36 year old star started Atkins diet and became a spokesperson too for the company.

Kim Kardashian Atkins DietKim gives complete credit to this ‘miraculous’ diet that kept her motivated towards her goals.

And this was not it, as she followed a rigorous workout routine too.

Kim shared each and every step of her journey with fans. She seems super confident this time.

She shared as how she was determined and motivated to lose weight, which she never felt after her first delivery.

She had to put an extra gear:

For her, this journey was super tough and challenging, as she wanted to get back in shape as soon as possible.

Kim Kardashian before and after

And to get this, she had to put herself in an extra gear by coming out of her comfort zone.

The journey to weight loss is not easy, and most of the people leave it in the midway, which is completely natural, she added. And same goes for her.

Many times she had an urge to quit but she had arrived too far. So, quitting was a Big No-No for her now.

So, this time she had different plans. Plans that give her dream figure back within fewer months.

keto diet

And the moment she set on this journey, she did not look back even once.

Kim posted her journey in chronological order on social media:

Kim kept her fans hooked up by posting her fitness updates.

Kim Kardashian looks casually chic as she makes her way into Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her posts were always related to her workouts, hitting gyms, running, eating healthy and what not.

The most common elements found in her posts were self-determination and confidence.

The reality show star had gained almost 60 pounds throughout her pregnancy, whereas, her pre-pregnancy weight was 135 pounds.

Last year, in April, she shared her success of losing 30 pounds but had to lose 20 more.

And surprisingly, only after a month, she managed to get back in her pre-pregnancy body.

Now, that is what we called a ‘big achievement’.

Kim proudly shared her scale readings;

And Kim became unstoppable then. Last year in May, she posted a picture on Snapshat showing her 132 pounds weight on weighing scale.

Kim Kardashian before and after

The title said “12 pounds to go to reach 2010 Kim”. Well, it seems like Kim did not even think about quitting at any point for even once!

Kim also started Atkins diet in 2013 after the birth of her first child North West.

The 5’3” star shared her two children with the famous rapper Kanye West. In an interview with E!

she shared how confident and determined she was this time to lose weight, as she never had that feeling after her first delivery.

Though she embarked on this weight loss journey after her first pregnancy too, but it was way too difficult and frustrating as compared to this time.

But now, she has learnt to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Kim’s dream body is a result of hard work and determination:

The reality show star has opened about her weight loss journey on multiple occasions after delivering Saint West in December.

Kim kardashian bikini bodyShe shared her experience with People, as how she managed to lose 70 pounds in such an amazingly short period of time.

The 36 year old star believed that the dream body is achieved in the kitchen and the gym both.

Dieting is extremely important to shed weight, as you have to cut down the calorie intake, she told People.

She has the choice to eat out whenever she likes but then she has to workout for extra hours.

There is no shortcut to weight loss. It only comes with hard work and determination.

keto diet

A restricted calorie intake:

Kim Kardashian went on Atkins 40 diet plan to cut down her caloric intake.

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Her intake was restricted to 1800 calories a day, which she rightly amalgamated with rigorous workouts.

Although she had given up fancy foods completely, but this special diet never made her feel deprived.

She eats a lot of fish and turkey. She worked with them (Atkins) to send her some snack stuff, along with a trail mix that has M&M and peanuts, so this blend will not make her feel deprived.

This special diet makes her feel like a human, as it doesn’t restrict her from eating something she likes.

How did she take 1800 calories daily?

No doubt, 1800 calories a day might sound a surprising figure and you might be wondering as how to survive on this meager intake.

But Kim made this from ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’.

Kim posted several pictures that show her daily meals, which mainly consists of green veggies and smoothies.

For example, one of her meals includes half an apple, few cheese balls and a small portion of melon.

You have to control your food cravings:

Kim confesses to have a sweet tooth and controlling her sugar cravings was the worst part of this diet.

Kim kardashian food craving

But you have no other option, she told. Either you give in to your whims, or cut down the weight.

So, the choice lies with you. You have to pick up the option that goes in line with your bodily goals.

And the same goes for her, as she had to fight with her cravings that could have gained her weight like crazies.

But now, Kim has learnt to deal with it way better than before!

It was difficult to cope up with kids:

Kim kardashian with kidsAlthough, Kim was making a good progress but it was very difficult to cope up with kids.

They made it tough for her to stick to her diet.

Kanye’s wife shared that after shedding 55lbs successfully, she got off the track.

She went to Disneyland with her kids and started to eat Churros and all the junk stuff she wanted to avoid.

And after eating that, it left her guilt stricken.

How Kim managed with kids?

It is completely understandable that kids make your diet and weight loss really difficult.

Kim Kardashian kids

So, how did Kim manage to do that eventually? Well Kim has also shed light on this issue too.

She knew it was challenging but she gathered all her courage and developed a focus towards her goal.

Her day would start by getting to the gym at 6am, before North and Saint are awakened.

Her self-adjustments made her drop 70 pounds in a matter of months, successfully.

keto diet

It is really hard to believe, but Kardashians have their own ways to make things happens!

Kim considers her sister Khloe Kardashian as role model:

Recently, the fat-sister of Kardashian-Jenner family, Khloe Kardashian joined the weight loss club to get rid of this tag.

Kim Kardashian walkKhloe embarked on this journey after her failed marriage and decided to bring a change in her life.

Recently, she surprised everyone by transforming herself completely after losing 40lbs.

Kim got her inspiration from her sister Khloe, who remained steady and firm throughout her journey.

Her sister not only shed her extra pounds but fought against the ‘fat sister’ tag she had been given always.

Khloe pursued a healthy lifestyle and did not endorse crash diets to get in shape.

And same goes for Kim, who started to eat healthy and did not put herself under extra pressure to get results overnight.

Kim said she had never seen someone so focused like her sister before!

Kim is a super mom now:

After giving birth to Saint West, she had to leave her comfort zone to make things happen.

Since then she became unstoppable. She was determined to shed post-pregnancy weight by all means.

She goes out with her kids, eat junk stuff sometimes, but run extra miles to balance those calories.

GQ Cover – Her biggest motivator:

Kim believed that the biggest motivator in her journey was GQ cover photo, in which she posed almost nude.

Kim Kardashian posing for GQ.

While talking to WWD, she told that once you provide a date for shoot, you have to appear by any means.

After everything she has achieved, she believed she has come a long way.

And to get here, she has to lose 60 pounds and that sounds totally insane to her now.

Once again, she believed that she was totally determined to appear for the cover shoot and for that, she had to do something big and amazing!

Kim took professional help and is really satisfied with it:

Kim Kardashian with kidsSo, a balanced diet and regular workouts were not the only part of her plan.

There was a lot more to it that made things worked for her.

Besides a low calorie intake and routine exercises, Kim used to visit gym daily at 6am with her trainer Don Brooks.

She further added Atkins diet to her plan that later became another factor of her success.

She started to follow this diet plan very strictly and never thought of quitting it in midway.

For her, weight loss has never been an easy job but with time, she learnt to deal with it more conveniently.

It seems like the weight loss journey for the star is a combination of several factors including a balanced diet, low calorie intake and lots of exercises.

Kim adds a little humor to her posts:

In many of her posts, the 5’3” star tried to add humor by posting messages that were light and witty.

Kim Kardashian eating burger

For example, once she posted a picture of North and her food side by side.

The funny part is, North’s food bowl was filled with delicious Mac and Cheese, whereas, hers was a bowl full of green veggies and boiled chicken chunks.

For her, her daughter North is luckier, as she can eat anything she likes.

But all those pictures were posted with a lighter note and did not discourage her to quit.

Low carb but nutritious meals:

It might sound that Kim’s low-carb diet is not a healthy one. But being a lactating mother, she was fully aware of her nutritional needs.

keto diet

She preferred taking a diet that doesn’t exclude essential fats and nutrition.

Despite of her busy routine, she preferred to breastfeed Saint.

For that, she never ignored her own health and diet.

Expert’s opinion for Kim being a breastfeeding mom:

Kim’s nutritionist Colette Heimowitz shared some of her secrets to Cosmopolitan.

kim kardashian breastfeeding Apparently, Kim’s daily caloric intake is limited to 1800 calories and doesn’t exceed even when she is following extensive workout routine.

She added that taking 1800 calories is sufficient to turn your body mass into muscles, so additional adjustments are required in the form of workouts.

The more weight you lose, the more carbs you should add to your diet since you don’t have extra pounds to lose.

No cheat days for Kim:

Kim does not take any cheat days even when she is on a holiday, but she surely orders fish or meat served with salad, sidelined with rice.

For her, even a single cheat day may distract her from the goal.

Kim’s weight loss – A final look:

Kim being the most prominent of the Kardashian-Jenner family knows how to grab the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian before and after 2017

And her weight loss journey is no exception.

Her goals were different and high so she worked at a different pace.

A pace that was fast and steady. Not even once she felt demotivated or discouraged.

Her determination and confidence led her towards her goal in a very short period of time.

The mother of two has perfectly balanced her personal and professional life and is still keen to achieve many milestones.

For now, Kim is busy flaunting her pre-pregnancy alike figure, proudly!